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The Communications Division of the Toms River Police Department employs 17 full-time and 15 part-time dispatchers. The Communications Division answers emergency and non-emergency calls for service from the public. IIn 2011 the department received 85931 calls for service resulting in 18547 police reports. This number does not include the numerous calls that do not generate a police response such as: driving directions, general public information, etc.

In 2008 the department implemented a state of the art computerized dispatch/ records management system.  This system allows officers to write police reports as well as search the department’s database from the police car using Toughbook computers. 

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R-911 Notification system

Revered 911

REVERSE 911 ® is used effectively in thousands of U.S. communities, counties, commercial businesses and non-profit organizations to dramatically improve the lines of communication to the general population and targeted groups. The system has played a key role in solving and preventing crimes, and it has a wide variety of potential uses in many organizations, such as:

  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Universities
  • Emergency Management Agencies
  • Utility Companies
  • Chemical Manufacturing Companies
  • Transportation Companies
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Public Safety AgenciesState and Local Governments
  • State and Local Governments
In the event of an emergency, an operator in the 911 Center can identify the affected neighborhood or region of the County and record a message that describes the situation and recommends the protective actions residents should take. The Reverse 911 system will automatically call out to all listed telephone numbers within that geographic area and deliver the recorded message. If phone lines are busy, the system will attempt to redial those numbers a predetermined number of times to make contact. If an answering machine picks up the call, the emergency message will be left on the machine.

Radio System

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