Parade of First Responders for Ocean of Love

//Parade of First Responders for Ocean of Love

Parade of First Responders for Ocean of Love








This week Andy Chase from 105.7 The Hawk has been living on a billboard at the Target / Lowes shopping center on Hooper Ave to raise money for Ocean of Love to assist families in Ocean County who have children with cancer. Andy pledged to stay on the billboard for 105 hours and he is not coming down until he raises $105,700.00! This is Ocean of Love’s 20th year doing the Billboard Radiothon and Andy’s 11th year living on the billboard, although he has part of the mission for 17 years!

Last night a parade of first responders from Ocean Beach, Silverton, East Dover, Toms River companies 1 & 2 and Pleasant Plains fire companies, as well as, Toms River CSO’s, EMS, Toms River police and fire dispatchers and the Toms River Police Department presented Andy Chase with a check for $10,561.00 for Ocean of Love!
Over the last 20 years the billboard event has raised a total of $2,063,829.00 (not including this year)
This year’s current tally is $93,492.00!

“Ocean of Love is a non-profit, charitable 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to helping Ocean County children with cancer and their families. Our purpose is to assist the children through their illness. We provide financial and emotional support so that they can experience the “norma” joys of childhood, knowing their lives are significant and meaningful to each and every one of us.” ~ Ocean of Love

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