Please be advised the 10:00 PM curfew, for children 17 and younger, in the northern beach section of town is in effect from now through Labor Day Weekend.

Last summer we began experiencing a significant increase in the number of unruly juveniles congregating and committing offenses in the northern beach section of town. In response to the ongoing issues a curfew was established for the summer months and will continue this summer. We will be dedicating additional resources to address any potential issues. The Toms River Police Department is committed to protecting the residents of our community as well as their property and will not tolerate disrespectful or destructive behavior. We are requesting parents from neighboring jurisdictions not drop their children off into this area. A heightened police presence will be in effect and there will be zero tolerance, for all offenses including motor vehicle infractions. Thank you.

(Areas of concern are specifically Normandy Beach and Chadwick Beach)