The Auxiliary Police Unit is a volunteer branch of the Office of Emergency Management. During the course of their training mission, they work with the Toms River Police Department to reduce safety hazards, assist in emergency or disaster situations, and provide services as deemed necessary by the Chief of Police.

The Toms River Auxiliary Police Unit is a 100% volunteer organization comprised of 1 Captain, 3 sergeants and 15 officers who strive to serve their community. Members are considered the “eyes and ears” of the police department and assist with patrols, parades, first aid calls, disabled vehicles, animal calls, funerals, emergencies, disasters, crashes, traffic direction, crowd control, DWI checkpoints, and various other township functions.

The training and experience gained while in the organization is often a stepping stone utilized in the pursuit of becoming a full-time law enforcement officer. Auxiliary Officers are required to volunteer a minimum of 8 hours per month and must participate in 25% of details and callouts. Auxiliary Police do not carry a firearm and do not have arrest powers.

The Auxiliary Police training program is run under the direction Off. Brian Jarka