Way to go Joe!

When 10 year old Joe found a small purse on the bus, his first thought was to return it to the owner. Having items of high value inside, but no identifying information, Joe asked his grandfather to take him to the police department so we could help return it. We got to spend some time [...]

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Special Delivery!

Thank you to everyone at The Balloon Bar, Burger Buff, and Burger 25 for making our day with this special delivery!

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A Special Dispatch Announcement

A special dispatch announcement has just come over the air. Thank you to all of the first responders working during the holidays. We wish you all a safe, happy and healthy holiday season!

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Kindness in Action!

When these two gentleman came upon a driver in need of assistance, they did not hesitate to step in and help! Not only did they purchase gas and help her to the gas station, they would not accept any money from her for their troubles. Just another example of the greatness right here in Toms [...]

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Public Safety Cadet Unit #137

We are so grateful for our Public Safety Cadet Unit #137. These kids have shown incredible professionalism, determination, and growth with our agency and we are so proud of them. We also have to thank the amazing TRPD mentors who dedicate their all to this unit. Thank you for another incredible year! If you’d like [...]

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Thank You JF Party Dragon!

Sending a huge thank you to Tom and everyone at JF Party Dragon for donating all of these awesome toys for our Children’s Specialized visit next week! We appreciate all you do!

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