July 2018 News

//July 2018 News

July 2018 News

We have some exciting things going on here at the Toms River Police Department. This month we honored our retirees, Officer Frank Bopp, Officer Mark DeGrandis and Officer David Lazaro. We welcomed our newest officer, Officer Henry Farnkoph III. And we honored Sergeant Daniel Sysol and Officer Christopher Raia (Ret.) with Life Saving Awards, Officer David Talty and Officer Michael Rienstra with Class B Awards, Officer Thomas Elwood, Officer Kyle Lamar and Officer Mark DeGrandis with Class A Awards and Officer Frank Bopp with a Valor Award.



On January 27, 2018, in  response to an  unresponsive party not breathing at St. Joseph’s Church,   Sergeant Daniel Sysol and Retired Corporal Christopher Raia  rendered   critical   basic  life   support   in   the   form  of   cardiopulmonary   resuscitation  to a 61 year old victim.  Lifesaving efforts were continued until the victim regained a pulse and began to  breathe  on his own.   The victim was then  transported to Community Medical Center for further   treatment.  Both officers are commended  for  their quick  response  and  for using  their  training  and  experience  to  save a  person’s life.

On June 3, 2018, in response to a structure fire on Lancaster Lane with residents trapped inside, Officer David Talty and Michael Rienstra entered the heavy smoked-filled residence without any fire or breathing apparatus and located an elderly couple in the bedroom.  The female resident who was bedridden was carried outside as her husband was escorted to safety  and  both  were  administered basic life support.  Officer Talty and Officer Rienstra displayed a high degree of initiative, courage, and ability in an extremely dangerous situation where  there was a threat to life and  property.  Both officers are commended for taking immediate action by entering the burning structure and saving two lives.

On June 7, 2018, in response to an alert from Lakewood Police Department for a vehicle involved in a shooting in their town, Officer Kyle Lamar located the vehicle at Route 9 and Cox Cro Road.  The vehicle fled from the police and the pursuit was terminated due to the suspect’s recklessness.  The suspect vehicle was later found on fire in  Lakewood at the  scene of a serious one car accident.  Officer Lamar and  Officer Thomas Elwood placed their lives in danger to remove the driver from the burning vehicle.  Both officers displayed a high degree of courage, professionalism, and initiative in an extremely hazardous situation and are commended for taking immediate action in an attempt to save a person’s life.

On March 14, 2017, in response to a well being check and psychiatric evaluation screening on Edgewood Drive, Officer Bopp and Officer DeGrandis were confronted  with a  male  subject who suddenly  exited  a  closet,  attacked  and  attempted to disarm one of them.  Both officers displayed extraordinary courage, professionalism, and initiative in an extremely hazardous situation where there was a threat to the life of the officers.  Officer Bopp  and  Officer DeGrandis are commended for taking immediate action by discharging their duty weapons,  neutralizing the threat, and taking control of a highly volatile scene.




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