The mission of the Toms River Police Department’s Emergency Service Unit (ESU) is to support the Department’s community-based policing efforts to reduce the incidence and the fear of crime. This is accomplished by developing and deploying a reserve force of the most highly trained and disciplined personnel. The Emergency Services Unit is continually trained in the use of specialized tactics and equipment in order to provide the most proficient and professional tactical response possible; reducing the risk to officers, suspects and the general public.

Since its inception, the Emergency Service Unit ESU has provided a ready response to situations that were beyond the capabilities of normally equipped and trained department personnel. ESU responds, upon request, to assist in resolving barricade/hostage episodes and calls involving suicidal individuals. The unit also plans and executes all high risk warrant services within the township. The Emergency Services Unit is deployed numerous times each year to conduct search warrants, high risk arrest warrants and to apprehend dangerous, armed subjects. The unit has earned numerous commendations and citations for their involvement in these activities.

The need for ESU expertise and assistance with warrant service is dependent upon the following criteria:

  • Unusual circumstances beyond the capabilities of patrol.
  • Heavily fortified locations.
  • Weapons are known to be present and/or have been used in the past.
  • The presence of suspects with extensive criminal history.

The Emergency Service Unit is under the command of Lieutenant Anthony Scali .