National Telecommunicators Week April 10th to 16th

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National Telecommunicators Week April 10th to 16th

In honor of National Telecommunicators Week we want to honor and recognize all of our police dispatchers. They are the unsung heroes of the law enforcement community. They are the lifeline between us and the citizens we protect. Please take a minute to read the Dispatchers Poem

Dispatchers Poem

I Take A Breath As I Sit Down,
God Give Me Strength To Make This Round So Many Lives, I Hold In Hand,
So Many People With Demands.

My First Call, A Child Is Screaming,
Daddy’s Beating Mom And She’s Not Breathing.
It’s Hard To Deal With And Stay Calm, The Child Yells, “Dad’s Got A

I Have To Take Control And Say,
Please Slow Down They’re On Their Way As I Dispatch To My Deputies,
“10-33, There Are Weapons”

Ten Thousand Things Rush Through My Head, God I Pray She’s Not Dead.
Stay On The Phone And Talk To Me,
As I Rise To My Feet.

The Cops Are Here The Child Is Saying, Stay On The Line As I Start
“Be Advised He Has A Gun,
And He Also Has His Son.”

Now I Have An Open Line,
Just A Dispatcher In The Blind
“Dispatch,” I Heard Him Say,
“His Name Is Teddy And He’s Okay.”

They Clear The Scene From The Call,
Not One Deputy Had To Fall.
I Take A Breath As I Sit Down,
Thank You God, We Made That Round.

I’m Just A Dispatcher, Can’t You See
Just A Lifeline Between You And Me.

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