We received this awesome email from one of our incredible teachers and had to share. “Last week, in my language arts class, I had my students write a stream-of-consciousness poem about themselves. They were asked to elaborate on their future dreams, their hobbies, their personal traits, and their memories. My student, Cole, chose to elaborate on his future dream of becoming a police officer. His entire poem reflects his passion for his future profession. Thank you so much for your time and your continued dedication to our community.”
Everyone has a dream, something to achieve in life
Some might have dreams of becoming famous, others might want to be an actor
But me, I want to become a cop, a cop that helps people.
Some might consider a hero, but I see it as someone that wants to make a difference.
I can picture myself driving during my night shift in the cool Autumn air
Helping people left and right because I really care.
I try and help everyone I can, while everyone stares,
I will try to jump from person to person but it seems like no one tends to care.
It’s impossible to help everyone, it’s like a day of never-ending rain
I try to go person to person, but I am just too drained.
My goal is to become a cop but you can’t get there right away
You have to start little and climb your way to the top, I remember my street
I was a kid, I would play cops and robbers,
I never would think I would want to be a cop. Now years later, I want to become a cop.
But I have to start little and climb my way to the top
There might be a few obstacles in the way, one could be patience
But I could get through that with my determination.
Once I become a cop, I will be one united with my nation.
~ Cole, Intermediate South