Civilian Award

On October 23rd, 2022 Samantha Batiato observed people yelling .and noticed flames coming out the kitchen window of 112 Edgewood Drive. She alerted her roommates, Jordan Finkle and Dominic Dowd who both ran toward the building on fire, while she called 911. Finkle and Dowd attempted to yell and bang on doors to evacuate the building. They ran to the back side of the building and located Victoria Pelton inside her sliding glass door. After getting her to come outside to the balcony, she appeared disoriented and would not come down to them. Dowd climbed up the second story balcony, while Finkle climbed up the railing below. Dowd lowered the victim to Finkle below and all moved to a safe area where Batiato tended to her and kept track of her vitals until EMS and Police response. All involved should be commended for their teamwork and bravery.