We Love Our TRPD Family!

//We Love Our TRPD Family!

We Love Our TRPD Family!

A lot of the time you see on our social media all the fun things officers are doing in town, but that is just the “extras” they do above and beyond the call of duty. Day to day our officers are working hard in our community, often times in dangerous situations. So as we come to the end of Police Week we thought we’d leave you with this Thank You to our officers.

“Police departments have a lot of moving parts and its patrol staff is paramount to every department and their community. I am so proud of our police department and the professionalism in which every one of our officers conduct their job. Whether it’s a traffic stop, a domestic incident, a death, and everything in between, these brave men and women are the first ones to respond without hesitation. Our officers have the authority to keep order in our town, but also the compassion to carry a teddy bear to comfort a child. I am honored to work with these incredible officers!” – Chief Mitchell Little

At any given time we have an average of 18, and up to 40, proactive task force officers on the road, in addition to undercover officers, narcotics teams, and park security units. With almost 100,000 residents in town, that hardly seems like enough but we have the best of the best and they do an amazing job for our community. In 2018 there were approximately 61,000 incidents that were assigned to our officers for the year. Some of the incidents included in that number were 222 DUI incidents, 416 narcotic arrests, 174 home/commercial burglaries, 1357 warrant arrests, 3778 traffic crashes and 17,620 traffic stops!

“Every day, in every city and town across the country, police officers are performing vital services that help make their communities safer. Our officers and support staff take tremendous pride in the level of service that we are able to provide to the residents and businesses of Toms River.” – Deputy Chief Michael Brosnan

Although we may not say it enough, we truly appreciate and respect each and every one of or officers! So to our Toms River Police Officers and officers around the world, stay safe, we thank you!

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