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The Toms River Police Foundation (TRPF) was formed under the direction of Police Chief Michael Mastronardy in cooperation with local community leaders to establish a foundation that would be used to enhance police training, provide funding for equipment, and contribute to various scholarship programs.  The foundation was formed to carry out the following mission:

- To aid police officers and their families.

- To purchase equipment and training to assist the department in carrying out its mission.

- To contribute to programs for youth to keep them away from crime.

- To make funding available to eligible scholarship programs.

The foundation is administered through the TRPF Board of Directors comprised of local community leaders.  The Board is responsible for foundation funding and oversees donations made to and from the TRPF.  Donations both monetary and property are received by the foundation to assist in its mission.  The fund is then administered by the foundation board to assist with those cases that fall within the scope of the foundation mission.
The foundation is not in competition with other non-profit organizations, but rather is used http://www.siedc.org/wp/ as another supplemental tool by which businesses, organizations or individuals could use to make a donation to the Toms River Police Department with confidence that the donations will be used toward a good cause.
In addition to accepting donations from outside sources the foundation has entered into a contract with American Recycle Technology Inc. to deploy clothing bins at key locations throughout the township.  The clothing bins will be used as another means by which to generate annual revenue for the Toms River Police Foundation.