Phone Scam

On October 19th several reports of fraud were filed with our agency. Victims report that they are receiving telephone calls from scammers from what appears to be the department phone number and utilizing the names of current officers of the department. Victims are told that there are warrants for their arrest and that they would [...]

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Having an uncomfortable conversation with your kids today can prevent a serious situation later.

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Our dispatchers have received multiple calls from residents who are getting phone calls from scammers who state they are from the Toms River Police Department, that there is an emergency with a family member, and they need to provide money quickly. These scammers will do all they can to keep you on the phone and [...]

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Notice - Do not click on any links in the comment section of our posts. We are actively working with Meta to resolve the issues with spam links. Unfortunately This type of spam is not exclusive to our agency. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve the issue. *** Do not click on [...]

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Please share the following information with your loved ones. There has been increased activity in a scam directed toward grandparents where the caller represents themselves as a grandchild who is incapacitated in some manor. Anyone claiming over the phone to be a relative asking for money, especially in an urgent manor, should be verified by [...]

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Please be aware, the Toms River Police Department DOES NOT solicit money by phone. Below is an example of the most recent scam. An unknown suspect identifying himself as a Toms River Police Officer is calling people and telling them they missed jury duty, and that there is a warrant for their arrest. He is [...]

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