Class C Award
For performing an outstanding service to the community and fellow man.

On May 17th, 2022 multiple officers responded to area of Bachelor and Route 37.  Sergeant Chris McDowell observed a male party standing in the middle of the road wielding a large machete and screaming at passing vehicles.  A passing off-duty Seaside Heights Police officer, Robert Wasilick, stopped to assist when he observed the male with the knife.  The male party began advancing towards Sgt. McDowell who moved back while drawing his firearm.  Sgt. McDowell attempting to de-escalate the situation, gave commands to shut down the highway for safety precautions, while waiting for back-up officers to respond for assistance.  The male party eventually began walking back to a wooded area away from officers on scene but kept the machete in his hand.  At one point, it appeared the machete slipped out of his hands and Officer Brian Appleby made a quick decision to move in and take control of the male party ending what could have been a lethal force situation.  All officers involved are commended for their professionalism, tactics, and de-escalation skills.