Class C Award
For performing an outstanding service to the community and fellow man.

On March 10th, 2022 multiple officers responded to Motel 6 for a suicidal male party.  After setting up a perimeter and an immediate action team, negotiations with the suicidal male continued.  Multiple attempts to reason with the male party were attempted, but he began slicing his throat with a box cutter forcing the immediate action team to enter the room made up of a less lethal option, taser, lethal force, and hands team.  Corporal  Greig Errion, Officer Kris Kowalczyk, and Sergeant Vincent Pedalino entered the room and the male party was still cutting himself while running to the bathroom after less lethal options were attempted. Officers involved were able to force entry, deploy a taser, remove the weapon, and the male party the medical assistance needed to save his life. All officers involved are commended for their fast action, restraint, and appropriate tactical response.