Toms River Schools Student-Police Program

//Toms River Schools Student-Police Program

Toms River Schools Student-Police Program

This year has been a model year for the program due to two outstanding students that Mr. Potter selected as program participants for the Police Department. High School North Seniors Abel Bomtempo and Dylan Bonilla started in September 2016 and will complete the CAP Program at the end of this month. Not only have they volunteered 6 hours each week at the police department, they also attended a CAP class with Mr. Potter weekly to share their experiences and what they have learned during the preceding week. Police Chief Mitchell Little explained that “These two students, who are interested in a career in the law enforcement field, have been given the opportunity to explore different life choice paths through the program.”

CAP Students Abel and Dylan have worked throughout the police department in many divisions which include the Administrative Bureau, Detective Bureau, Operations Bureau, Dispatch Center, Municipal Court, Municipal Jail, Records Room, and Property Room. Abel and Dylan were first introduced to the operations of a police agency and a history of the Toms River Police Department. They have worked on many independent projects such as the scanning of personnel documents into a computer server. They have also worked within groups when they organized and archived police reports. Abel and Dylan had the opportunity to attend advanced specialized training with police officers in “High Risk Motor Vehicle Stops” and “Counterfeit and Fraud Detection.” Both students have also participated in community fundraising events such as the “Pros vs. Heroes Flag Football Game.” The interaction with law enforcement officers, civilian personnel, township officials, and the community is an educational experience you cannot obtain in the classroom.

The CAP program has mutual benefits for the student as well as the sponsoring agency or organization. The student benefits by exploring their interests and future career paths, as well as how to interact in a professional work environment. The sponsor, such as the Toms River Police Department, benefits by utilizing another avenue to stay connected with the young adults in the community while working with the school district on common goals. Toms River School Superintendent David Healy adds that “Most importantly, the mentorship that is built between the CAP students and their sponsors is a lasting relationship where all those involved will benefit for years to come. This is just one more example of two of Toms River’s largest agencies working together in support of our communities’ children and we are grateful to the TRPD for what is an outstanding partnership.”

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