2017 MADD Awards

//2017 MADD Awards

2017 MADD Awards

Congratulations Officers Robert Westfall, Pascal Gambardella, Kyle Lamar, Frank Moschella, Adam Worth, Michael DeRosa, John Marsacano and Kenneth Thomas. All received MADD Distinguished Service Awards at the 2017 MADD Awards (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) at an award ceremony held at Rutgers University on June 14, 2017. Ptl. Westfall also received the ‘Top Cop Award’ For Excellence for the most DWI arrests in Ocean County for 2016.

Present to receive their awards were officers Westfall, Gambardella, Lamar, and Moschella. Officers Worth, DeRosa, Marsacano and Thomas received awards but were not able to be present for the ceremony.

We are very proud of all of our officers and their commitment to the safety of our community. Great job guys!

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