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Shore 2 Help


This week the Toms River Police Department sent care package to the Beaumont Texas Police Department. To personalize the donations, the boxes were filled with PBA blankets donated by the Toms River Police Foundation, and along with over $3000 in gift cards that we were able to purchase through the generous donations of our employees, the PBA, and the FOP. Additional to the money raised, we received a generous donation in gift cards from Target Toms River. The packages will be arriving next week.

In the boxes, there was a blanket for each family who suffered damages within their police department from Hurricane Harvey. Each blanket had a ribbon around it with a “Happy Holidays” tag and a gift card to Target. There was an envelope with additional gift cards for them to distribute as they see fit.

This was a collaborative effort and we are very excited to bring a little cheer to the holidays for them!

Happy Holidays to all!


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